New tempering machine SL50

ico dim


512 x 825 x h 1432 mm


50 kg

ico power


2 kw

New tempering machine SL50

Despite its compact dimensions, the SL50 has a capacity of 50 kg of product and, as with all machines in the SL line, gives the possibility of setting an intermediate temperature during the tempering phase.

The partial exclusion of the resistances in the tank allows for further energy savings. The night mode allows the structural characteristics of the raw material to be kept intact, guaranteeing immediate use in the next work cycle.

Customized courses for chocolate processing

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Technical features

  • Structures in recycled food-grade AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Removable auger for cleaning and changing chocolate
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Reversal for chocolate unloading
  • Pedal dispenser with programmable timer
  • Heated vibrating table
  • Chocolate tank with multi-zone heating
  • Independent screw heating
  • Refrigeration unit with forced air cooling
  • Possibility of tempering with intermediate temperature stage
  • Possibility to set a night mode to maintain the properties of the product
  • Direct connection of coating trolley
  • Direct connection of pneumatic dosing plate
  • Tank capacity 50 Kg
  • 200V-400V50/60H

Accessories available

    • Enrobing belt 180-250-320
    • Belt for truffles
    • Tilting belt 180-250
    • Rotating table for truffles
    • Plexiglass cover
    • Heating lamp
    • Decorator 180-250-320
    • Dosing plate
    • Pneumatic valve

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