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Tilting Enrobing Belt

  • Loading net with start/stop system
  • Covering net with product vibration area
  • Unloading strip with start/stop system powered by paper roll 
  • Folding structure
  • Aluminium tray for product unloading
  • Bearing plane for product unloading
  • Double-coat hopper for complete covers
  • Electronic control of ventilation
  • Blower adjustable in height and tilt
  • End cutter
  • Pool for lower and side cover (optional)
  • Strip length mm 180 (mm 250 version also available)
  • Electronic control of net speed 0-2 m/min.
  • Volt 230 – Hz 50 – Kw 1,2 single-phase – (special voltage upon request)
  • Size when open H 1030 L 1820 P 450
  • Size when closed H 1890 L   500 P 450
  • Three-section covering strip assembled on tilting cart.
  • The tilting air blower allows left and right height adjustment.
  • It is possible to adjust the distance between the end cutter and the conveyor to streamline the transit of coated products smaller than the standard, spherical or irregular-shaped products.
  • The loading net can be stopped to improve the accuracy and the timing of product positioning.
  • The covering net is equipped with adjustable vibrator to streamline the surface of the product and a blower with variable speed with filter to regulate the weight.
  • The covering speed can be controlled electronically from the operator’s panel.

Available for:
mm 180: T8/T10/T20/T35
mm 250: T20/T35

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Customized courses for chocolate processing

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Enrobing belt

  • Network loading with start/stop function
  • Re-enrobing network with product vibration area
  • Unloading conveyor belt featuring a start/stop system fed by a paper roll
  • Rapid release of unloading conveyor belt for re-enrobing cart washing
  • Aluminum trays for product unloading
  • Double veil hopper for total/partial enrobing
  • Variable-speed ventilator with inverter
  • Height-adjustable blower featuring a flap top
  • Motorized tail cutter with reverse direction
  • Tank for lateral and lower enrobing with sinker
  • Product height clearance — 160 mm
  • Variable 0-2 mt/min speed
  • Heating lamp (optional)
  • Plaxiglass Cover (optional)
  • Decorator (optional)

 230 Volt – Single-phase Hz 50/60 – KW 0,50 (customized voltages upon request)

Available for:
mm 180: T20
mm 250: T20, T35
mm 320: T35

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