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• Charged belt with start/stop system
• Enrobing belt with product vibration
• Exit belt with start/stop system, supplied by paper roll
• Fast disconnected exit belt to clean enrobing belt
• Aluminium pans for product discharged
• Double veil hopper to enrobe partial/total mode
• Adjustable speed fan with inverter
• Horizontally pivoted blower with adjustable height
• Motorized tail cutter device with u-turn reversing
• Pool device for bottom and side covering product with sinks
• Height passage product mm. 160
• Belt width mm. 180 (T20)/250 (T20-T35)/320 (T35)
• Adjustable speed 0-2 Mt/min.
• Belt heating lamp (optional T20)
• Plexiglass cover belt (optional T20)
• Volt 230 – Hz 50 – KW 0,50 Single phase
  (special voltages on request)