Tunnel Verticale

90% savings on the overall dimensions

Tunnel Verticale

The first Pomati tunnel in a vertical version

Verticale Pomati: a tunnel in a vertical version that in only 2m of width cools as much as a 20m tunnel, with 90% savings on the overall dimensions. Verticale can be adjusted to current production lines, reducing their extension and increasing their performance. The innovative cooling system allows a homogeneous distribution of the cold inside the chamber. The air recirculation combined with a high-efficiency cooling unit allows a reduction of energy consumption and low percentage of humidity. Brushless motors, controlled by Servo Drive, allow a flowing handling of the carriers. Temperatures and cooling times are programmable via a touch screen panel. The unique design allows the installation in open laboratories.

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Tunnel Verticale Tunnel Verticale

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Technical features
mm 2100 x 790 x h 2010
Can cool 72 or 108 molds at the same time
Mechanical features
Brushless motors with Servo Drive . Automatic, semiautomatic or manual mode.
Volt 240/400V - Hz 50/60 - KW 3
touch screen
alloy inox AISI 304

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