OneShot Depositor
Chocolate Machine

The chocolate machine created for small- and medium-scope production, the OSD POMATI stands out for its production capacity, ease of use, and quick cleaning for format changing.

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Tempering Machine

Continuous tempering in the auger allows the POMATI TEMPERING MACHINES to melt any type of chocolate and perfectly blends crystals, which, in turn, ensures an optimal final product.

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Other products

Le macchine POMATI nascono per facilitare la lavorazione del cioccolato e rendere sempre più semplici e veloci le operazioni complesse.

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POMATI allows to complete and improve production in small-, medium- and large-size confectionary producers by use of accessories that speed up some production phases, while never forgetting attention to details.

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The secrets of chocolate told by our master chocolatiers.

A unique and unforgettable professional development training and growth awaits you at the Pomati’s Dado Chocolate School. Art, Culture and Taste merge exquisitely to transform a simple passion into a certified profession.

Complete training program